Google Business Profile 2021 - What's New?

June 12, 2022

Google My Business is soon to be renamed Google Business Profile sometime in 2022. This new change will allow business owners to manage their listings on either Google search or Maps. They will also be able to claim their listings on other platforms like Yelp, which will integrate with the new Google Local Services. Google has been allowing businesses to create and manage their own listings for a long time now. They're now saying that they want all these businesses not to manage them in Search or Maps, but only in the individual app.

Google is a tech giant with a big focus on data-driven decision making. With Google Maps and Search, they have been providing businesses with the tools needed to manage their own listings for years. Recently, though, they announced that they only want those businesses to manage those listings within Google's platform, and not on external platforms such as Yelp or Facebook.

If you manage multiple locations for your company and/or you manage different businesses, you will still continue to use an interface like Google My Business renamed to Business Profile Manager. There may be changes to the Business Profile Manager throughout the upcoming months.

New Features in Google Business Profile

  • Claim and verify your Google Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps
  • Call History is officially launching in US and Canada (more details here)
  • Messaging can be done directly from Google Search (more details here)
  • Message read receipts can be controlled in Google Search and Maps

Managing your business

If you are a business owner, it is important to know which Google account you should use. Your Google account will be the foundation of your online presence. You can either just search for your business name in Google Search or Google Maps for businesses or search for “my business” in Google Search to see the business you have already claimed and verified.

Performance Planner

Google Ads is rolling out an update that will let advertisers plan their Local campaigns using Performance Planner, the tool that lets you see how multiple advertising campaigns work in tandem. The update will also allow advertisers to create budgets for their campaigns. Explore and understand your marketing campaigns with this tool. You can also see how campaigns will fare under different circumstances. It allows you to examine opportunities for seasonal periods and manage your budget accordingly, without interrupting campaigns.

Here are screen shots of the web interface and mobile app interfaces for these features:

Managing calls history
New messenger with read reciepts

So what’s in it for us?

A business' online presence isn't complete without a Google profile. Your chances of ranking well in local search will be improved by having one. Currently, there are not many changes in the new Google My Business interface. The only differences are branding and how it will appear in Google Search & Maps. However, over the coming months, expect more functionality to become available for Google Maps and Search.

Keep in mind that our social channels, as well as the Google My Business help forum, will be affected by the re-branding process for several weeks.

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Google Business Profile 2021 - What's New?

November 4, 2021