Restaurant Social Media Marketing

Dickeys Barbecue Edmonton

See how a well known chain was able to flourish in a not-so well known area

The Problem

Dickey's Barbecue was ready to expand their great franchise to Western Canada. Edmonton was selected as their first location and it posed a challenge - to promote a new restaurant which is first of it's kind. They approached Caliph Digital to see how they can enter this market with a splash and leave a strong mark.

Our Solution

Caliph Digital executed a strategic approach, involving:

  • Engaging Content Creation: Tailored content creation for Instagram and Facebook, aligning with Dickey's Barbecue's brand identity and resonating with the target audience.
  • Active Management: Diligent management of their social media presence, ensuring consistent, high-quality posts to maintain audience engagement.
  • Strategic Advertising: Implementation of targeted ads on Instagram and Facebook to amplify Dickey's Barbecue's online reach and engagement.

Drastic Increase in Online Exposure

The services provided by Caliph Digital led to a significant surge in Dickey's Barbecue's online exposure, evidenced by:

  • Rapid Traffic Surge: Dickey's Barbecue witnessed a remarkable 122% increase in website traffic following the implementation of the new e-commerce site, demonstrating the effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts.
  • Record-breaking Digital Sales: The company achieved its highest day in digital sales, indicating a substantial impact on online revenue generation.
  • Enhanced Social Media Impressions: Dickey's Edmonton experienced a remarkable 231% surge in social media impressions, showcasing the amplified visibility and engagement on social platforms.

See the final product

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