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Prism Guitars

From a dream idea to a home grown business that started its growth with a new website.

The Problem

Prism Guitars was ready to take their business to the next step. Gone were the days of posting ads and running social media pages to get noticed.

They wanted their own platform to showcase their work, paint colors, and an online form to fulfill orders.

The Solution

Taking pride in their huge selection of colors, Prism Guitars needed highlight this across their digital presence. We made sure that happened by making a point throughout their website. A seperate colors page was built to showcase over 500 colors with the ability to add more with a custom CMS structure.

Easy to manage CMS - edit, remove, add new colors.

Website Technical ROI:

SEO score at 95%


  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Web Design + Development
  • CMS setup for over 500 items

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